Our Purpose

Welcome to Hunger House

We share the Gospel, serve daily micronutrient meals, offer medical care, and provide tutoring and tuition assistance at Hunger Houses across the city of Juarez, Mexico.

The Heart Behind Our Hunger Houses

Children hunger deeply

for more than just a meal.

We know children hunger for love, attention, guidance, trust, and the example Jesus provides for them. This is our heart. This is our mission.

Ways You Can Support

Join our mission to provide more than just a meal to the children we serve.
Below are some of the ways that you can help.


Learn more about why we do, what we do.


Join a mission to serve the kids in Juarez.

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See the faces of the kids we serve.


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Support Hunger House

Join our mission to share The Gospel, and provide daily needs to kids across the city of Juarez.

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